Axcoms Securities is a leading fraud recovery specialist. We go above and beyond traditional asset recovery methods to achieve tangible results for our clients who have been targeted by significant physical and cyber-enabled fraud operations.

We integrate cyber intelligence, global investigative services, active surveillance and on the ground monitoring into end-to-end superior solutions for recovering and tracking lost and stolen assets. By combining cybercrime investigations and ground-based operations, Axcoms can identify the key individuals on the ground, and carry out actionable intelligence gathering. These operations have been successfully used to shut down crime operations and recover assets lost from fraud.

Our Asset Recovery Specialists

As an asset recovery specialist, Axcoms Securities has the skilled operators, resources and global connections to gather cyber threat intelligence, carry out active surveillance and put global investigative services into action to recover your lost or stolen assets.

Axcoms Securities delivers a unique global asset recovery service that is not available elsewhere on the market. Law enforcement agencies are often too slow in their efforts to pinpoint the locations of assets and suspects. Axcoms Securities Global has built an alert and focused company culture that ensures every case is dealt with as urgently as possible with sensitivity and a methodical approach. Axcoms Securities leverages its investigative and legal consultants, along with nationally recognized expert litigators and attorneys that exclusively work on Axcoms Securities cases.


How To Get Your Money Back From A Scam

There are two important steps to getting your money back from a cyber-enabled fraud or similar. Firstly it’s vital that you alert law enforcement. Secondly, contact Axcoms Securities so that we can help analyse your situation and provide immediate recommendations. You can read more about what to do in our article – First steps for potential scam victims.
The Axcoms Securities multi-jurisdictional debt and global asset recovery service has helped to recover millions of dollars for Axcoms Securities clients. By combining cybercrime investigation methods, cyber threat intelligence and unmatched legal expertise, Axcoms Securities can locate concealed assets or hidden funds. We can then prove they were obtained by illegal means before filing recovery proceedings in any foreign jurisdiction.

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