Axcoms Securities specializes in large-scale fraud recovery and investigations.

We have teams in cybercrime, fraud, investigation and asset recovery, offering both high net worth individuals and corporations, peace of mind, discretion and effective options when crime threatens their assets and the value held by their stakeholders.

Axcoms Securities has a strong operations Centre in the heart of Asia, which is the world’s largest hub for cybercrime, counterfeiting and piracy. We also have offices elsewhere around the globe in Europe, USA and Oceania.

In 2009, world renown investigation firm Campbell Investigations International and cyber intelligence firm Internet Fraud Watchdog joined forces to form Axcoms Securities led by Senior Investigator and Executive Chairman; Aleksandr Olek

(Axcoms Securities Investigations PTY LTD License Number: 410843633)

Axcoms Securities is licensed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. License number: A 1900003


How To Get Your Money Back From A Scam

There are two important steps to getting your money back from a cyber-enabled fraud or similar. Firstly it’s vital that you alert law enforcement. Secondly, contact Axcoms Securities  so that we can help analyse your situation and provide immediate recommendations. You can read more about what to do in our article – First steps for potential scam victims.

The Axcoms Securities multi-jurisdictional debt and global asset recovery service has helped to recover millions of dollars for Axcoms Securities clients. By combining cybercrime investigation methods, cyber threat intelligence and unmatched legal expertise, Axcoms Securities can locate concealed assets or hidden funds. We can then prove they were obtained by illegal means before filing recovery proceedings in any foreign jurisdiction.



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