At Axcoms Securities, we believe intelligence is the most powerful tool for countering security risks and threats in today’s age. Axcoms Securities works with an extensive array of well-placed contacts and sources around the world to produce tailored and customized intelligence reports on adversaries, competitors, criminals, political activists and radical groups. Axcoms Securities uses a combination of physical and electronic resources, databases, tracking technology and advanced cyber intelligence worldwide to produce up-to-date, accurate and timely reports on suspects and targets. Axcoms Securities can customize any intelligence report regardless of country, nationality or social status of the subject.

Axcoms Securities utilizes its extensive experience in cyber investigations and covert operations to identify the key individuals on the ground while uncovering actionable intelligence that can be used in a court of law to recover and track assets lost from fraud. Axcoms Securities has in-house legal specialists who assist with each case as it progresses.


We have teams in cybercrime, fraud, investigation and asset recovery, offering both high net worth individuals and corporations, peace of mind, discretion and effective options when crime threatens their assets and the value held by their stakeholders.


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