Axcoms Securities has extensive investment fraud investigation experience combatting serious and organized fraud in multiple jurisdictions around the world. Axcoms Securities tracks down the offenders behind complex cyber-enabled frauds, uncovers the money trail and brings to light strategic cyber threat intelligence about internet fraudsters’ financial operations, physical locations and identity details.


We have teams in cybercrime, fraud, investigation and asset recovery, offering both high net worth individuals and corporations, peace of mind, discretion and effective options when crime threatens their assets and the value held by their stakeholders.


How We Investigate Investment Fraud?

Axcoms Securities conducts serious fraud investigations by utilizing extensive intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance, advanced cybercrime investigation methods and strategic profiling of suspects for civil and criminal action.

In addition, Axcoms Securities works with internal legal experts who specialize in cross border fraud and global asset recovery services in foreign jurisdictions. Using this expertise, Axcoms Securities can freeze bank accounts and assets associated with offenders involved in serious fraud. In recent years, Axcoms Securities has received law enforcement awards, plaques of recognition and commendations for uncovering major cyber fraud networks and syndicates whilst disrupting large scale fraud gangs working in Asia, Europe and Central America.


Securities Fraud

Securities frauds are also referred to as stock or investment frauds and are one of the many illegal operations targeted by Axcoms Securities international investigative services. These types of scams involve deceptive practices relating to commodities and stocks, with the intention of fraudulently profiting off investors.

Axcoms Securities has recovered millions of dollars for victims of fraud and continually manages complex class action lawsuits for large investor groups targeted by international internet fraudsters.


Sports Betting Fraud

Sports betting fraud aka sports investment scams are presented as legitimate investment opportunities under a range of guises. These can include the promotion of impressive-sounding computer prediction software that supposedly uses advanced data algorithms to predict sporting results based on the analysis of previous events. Sports bet victims can also be lured in by betting syndicates or punters clubs which require the investor to set up a sports betting account and make regular deposits. In these cases, the scammers promise to make winning bets on behalf of the victim but in reality drain the accounts of money and launder these funds for their own profit.

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