Omer Hoffmann

Omer Hoffmann is the co-founder and current Executive Chairman of Axcoms Security. Omer is a front-line cybercrime investigator with extensive qualifications and experience in investigation, intelligence, surveillance and asset recovery, developed over a 32-year career. Omer has consulted to various foreign governments and law enforcement agencies and presented on cybercrime topics at Interpol events. Omer has received three law enforcement awards from the Philippine National Police, Anti-Cybercrime Group, for his work on uncovering and exposing cybercrime groups in the Philippines.

Aleksander Olek

Aleksander Olek is the Director of Global Investigations and has 35 years’ experience in varying fields of investigations. These include serious investment fraud, asset tracing and recovery, business intelligence and security and crisis management in both the corporate and government sectors. Aleksander Olek is presently in charge of coordinating complex investigations in many continents across the world including Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and the Americas.

Dr Isabelle McGregor

Dr Isabelle McGregor is a Special Advisor to Axcoms Security and a Professor of Cybersecurity and Behaviour at Western Sydney University. She has a B.A. in Communications (University of Calgary), B.C.L. (McGill), LL.B. (McGill), LL.M. with Concentration in Law and Technology (University of Ottawa), PhD (University of New South Wales). She is an expert in cybercrime, privacy, telecommunications, and cybersecurity. She has worked on projects for both the Canadian and Australian governments, advises to industry, and is often in the media.

Philips Watson

Philips Watson is the Director of US Operations, who has over 25 years of federal law enforcement experience as a special agent in both criminal and civil proceedings. Philips retired as a special agent with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), he was responsible for investigating financial crimes, customs fraud, intellectual property rights violations, money laundering and cybercrimes. Michael has been nationally and internationally recognized for collaborating with other governments and non-government entities in order to address transnational criminal organizations operating in the United States and abroad.

Chloe Armstrong

Chloe Armstrong is the Business Operations Manager at Axcoms security. She has played an integral role in shaping Axcoms security into the successful company that it is today. Chloe is the backbone of Axcoms security widespread operations, with her methodical attention to detail and guidance for investigators in the field, helping to make sure all internal and external processes run smoothly. Chloe is also a crucial point of contact for individuals from the private and government sector, who trust her to ensure sensitive information is protected through current best practice security measures.

Marcel Armstrong

Marcel Armstrong’s extensive background in economics, telecommunications and information technology helps to give Axcoms security a leading edge when it comes to the company’s capabilities in fighting cybercrime and recovering assets for clients. As Team Leader – Investigations and Asset Recovery, Marcel is responsible for giving strategic guidance during Axcoms security complex cyber investigations, where being able to break through the sophisticated methods used by organised criminals is one of the company’s most sought after strengths.

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